NEW Rubik’s® Powerbank

Add a twist of Brain Power to your campaign.

Fun, Handy, and Iconic – Enjoy twisting the blocks while charging your favorite mobile devices on the go.

Allows you to get your brand message across about Cleverness, Creativity, Flexibility, Challenge…

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Rubik’s Pen Pot

Keeps your desk tidy and stimulates your creativity all day long

With its twistable blocks, the Rubik’s Pen Pot will make a strong statement about creativity, cleverness and challenge for your organization…

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Rubik’s featured on Google!

Google celebrates Rubik’s 40th anniversary by allowing millions to solve the Cube on its homepage

In case you missed it, Google published an interactive Rubik’s Cube doodle on its homepage.

The doodle (link below) allowed users from around the…

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New Rubik’s USB Mini

Even if it’s not in your hand, it stays on your mind

A new compact version of our best-selling Rubik’s USB, that fits the thinnest laptops, and features a resistant COB flash.

Ideal companion for the keychain wherever you go…

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NEW Rubik’s® Stylus

Associates your campaign with the smartphone

A playful and trendy accessory for the mobile phone.
Retractable stylus: rotate the blocks… and the tip comes out!

Allows people to Play and write on their touchscreens all the while all the while associating your brand with the Values of Rubik’s

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Get your message across and make a strong statement for your brand or enterprise.

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Rubik’s Promotion


You have found the official Rubik’s Cube supplier with exclusive Worldwide license for the promotional industry. Buying the original Rubik’s Cube ensures your merchandise may not be seized by customs authorities.


All Rubik’s merchandises are fully customizable with your company logo, text or images. In this way, you create your own unique gift with the aura of the original and brilliant idea from Erno Rubik.


We deliver high quality Rubik’s Cube® using with superior printing and hand-labelling ensuring you give a best and long-lasting impression. We can even provide premium packaging, boxes and stands if you require.


All Rubik’s merchandise can be customized with low minimum quantity and short delivery time. In the case of the 3×3 Cube, as from 500pcs in less than 30days (ex-factory) or as from 125pcs in Express in less than 10 working days (ex-factory).

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Rubik's Cube in The Economist Ad campaign

The Rubik’s Cube included in the Economist campaign


The Rubik’s Cube featured on Google!

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