About Rubik's Cube PromotionThe promotional Rubik’s Cube® and merchandises items are provided to you by Intermed Asia Ltd.

With our international network of exclusive country resellers, we are able to service Rubik’s promotional products to any country since 2001, when we were appointed the worldwide promotional license by the Rubik’s patent holders.

About Rubik's Cube PromotionThe clients we help to promote their message come from all industries: Engineering, Financial, IT, Consumer brands… with well-known brands such as: Google, GE, Citigroup, Unilever, Toyota, UPS…

Thanks to our commitment to Quality, Social compliance, Flexibility and Fast delivery – with minimum quantities starting at 125pcs, 2-3 weeks delivery, and a very strict manufacturing control – we support our partners who often become long term clients.

Our Commitments


EN 71, Part 1, 2, 3

Our items comply with International Safety Standards and use non toxic materials.


Our factory respect the latest social compliance.

To protect the environment, all our cubes are produced with recycled ABS.

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